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What is PoE used for?

September 16, 2022

Latest company news about What is PoE used for?

What is PoE used for?


POE is the abbreviation of Power over Ethernet, which is a common technology in the field of telecommunication. It can mainly provide power and data at the same time to the powered device on the twisted pair.


What are powered devices (PD)?


PD generally refers to a device that obtains power from a power supply device through a network.

Powered devices generally include IP cameras, VoIP phones, wireless access points, routers, PTZ cameras, smart signage, etc.

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What are the features of PoE?
The POE function is now a very mature technology and is widely used in the telecommunication field. Its advantages are as follows
1. It can transmit data and power supply at the same time through a cat5e or cat6 network cable, which is very flexible and convenient
2. Reduce the trouble of power adapter wiring, greatly reduce installation cost and improve safety
How POE works?
In general, POE work is divided into 5 major steps.
1. Detection
In the beginning, the PSE device outputs a small voltage at the port, until it detects that the connection of the cable terminal is a receiving end device that supports the IEEE802.3af standard.
2. Classification of PD devices
After detecting the PD of the power receiving device, the PSE device may classify the PD device and evaluate the power loss required by the PD device.
3. Start the power supply
During the startup period of a configurable time (generally less than 15μs), the PSE device starts to supply power to the PD device from a low voltage until a 48V DC power supply is provided.
4. Power supply
Provide stable and reliable 48V DC power for PD devices to meet the power consumption of PD devices that do not exceed 15.4W.
5. Power off
If the PD device is disconnected from the network, the PSE will quickly (usually within 300-400ms) stop supplying power to the PD device, and repeat the detection process to detect whether the end of the cable is connected to the PD device.


What is Poe type?
POE is generally divided into 4 levels, 15.4W/30W/60W/90W, which greatly enriches the choice of power receiving terminals.
Usually 15.4W and 30W can only be applied to POE cameras, VoIP phones, wireless access points.
However, with the continuous development of communication technology, the advent of the POE bt standard allows high-power devices such as flat panel displays, LED lighting or retail POS terminals to be powered, which greatly enriches the application field of POE. , PTZ cameras, building management, retail video kiosks, smart signage, vending machines, etc. are all examples of POE applications.
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Olycom launched a new POE++ 90W standard managed Ethernet switch with below features, you are welcome to contact us for more information.

  1. Max 750W POE budget, each Ethernet port supports POE af/at/bt
  2. With POE indicator(off when POE is disabled, green when POE is working)
  3. With 2 alarm ports, it is used to monitor any 2 ports working status
  4. DC input(back), AC input(back)
  5. 1*SFP supports 100M/1000M/2500M, 5*SFP supports 100M/1000M
  6. 4*Combo ports

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