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What is a DAC cable?

December 31, 2021

Latest company news about What is a DAC cable?

1 What Is DAC Cable?

Direct attach copper cable, short for DAC cable, is a kind of fixed high speed copper cable assembly widely used in data switching&control room.

DAC cable is comprised of shielded twinax copper cable with hot plug-and-play connectors on each end with different gauges from 24 to 30AWG, the longer the distance, the higher the AWG is.

Olycom offers 10G/25G SFP28/40G QSFP+/100G Q4SFP28 full range direct attach copper cable.

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2 Types of DAC Cable

Generally, it can be classified into two types: passive and active DAC cable.

Passive DAC cables have no electrical components built into the cable assembly. Therefor, it entails the minimal power consumption of no more than 0.15w and generally for short reach ranging from 1m/3m/5m/7m.

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3 General Product Features


Pin Logic Symbol Description
1   VeeT Module Transmitter Ground
2 LVTTL-O Tx_Fault Module Transmitter Fault
3 LVTTL-I Tx_Disable Transmitter disable; Turns off transmitter laser output
4 LVTTL-I/O SDA 2-wire Serial Interface Data Line (Same as MOD-DEF2in INF-8074i)
5 LVTTL-I/O SCL 2-wire Serial Interface Clock(Same as MOD-DEF1 inINF-8074i)
6   Mod_ABS Module Absent, connected to VeeT or VeeR in the module
7 LVTTL-I RS0 Rate Select 0, optionally controls SFP+ module receiver
8 LVTTL-O Rx_LOS Receiver Loss of Signal Indication (In FC designated as Rx_LOS and in Ethernet designated as Signal Detect)
9 LVTTL-I RS1 Rate Select 1,optionally controls SFP+ module transmitter
10   VeeR Module Receiver Ground
11   VeeR Module Receiver Ground
12 CML-O RD- Receiver Inverted Data Output
13 CML-O RD+ Receiver Non-Inverted Data Output
14   VeeR Module Receiver Ground
15   VccR Module Receiver 3.3 V Supply
16   VccT Module Transmitter 3.3 V Supply
17   VeeT Module Transmitter Ground
18 CML-I TD+ Transmitter Non-Inverted Data Input
19 CML-I TD- Transmitter Inverted Data Input
20   VeeT Module Transmitter Ground
SFP+ DAC Specifications  
Number of Lanes Tx & Rx
Channel Data Rate 10.3125 Gbps
Operating Temperature 0 to + 70°C
Storage Temperature -40 to +85°C
Supply Voltage 3.3 V nominal
Electrical Interface 20pins edge connector
Management Interface Serial, I2C

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4 Conclusion

DAC cable is an ideal high-speed solution for data center interconnections. And all the DAC cables mentioned above are supplied in Olycom.

Please check below links for more product details and contact us for more information.


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