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Shipping Pressure Increases Again

December 25, 2021

Latest company news about Shipping Pressure Increases Again

According to the congestion update data released by HMM from November 16, 2020 to December 16, 2021, the Danish shipping consulting company Sea-Intelligence has studied and analyzed the congestion situation related to container terminals and the congestion situation of multimodal transport related to the terminal.

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The North American Terminal Congestion Index shows that congestion peaked in mid-September 2021, and then there was a short temporary improvement in early October. However, this improvement was quickly reversed, and congestion subsequently reached record sustained highs.

Although HMM data cannot fully represent all other operators in the world, as a major global operator and a member of THE Alliance, Danish analysts believe that it should reflect the overall market conditions.

As far as multimodal congestion is concerned, the situation in North America continues to deteriorate, while in Europe, there are signs of a slight deterioration recently. Murphy concluded: "As we enter the peak period before the Spring Festival (in the next six weeks), this situation is likely to get worse before it improves."

According to the latest data released by Drewry a few days ago, the three major shipping alliances in the world have successively canceled multiple voyages in the next 4 weeks (week 51-2), of which the most canceled voyages were THE Alliance, which canceled 23 voyages; 2M Alliance Reached 8 voyages; the least ocean alliance canceled 2 voyages.

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Among the 544 scheduled voyages on major trans-Pacific, trans-Atlantic, Asia-Northern and Asia-Mediterranean routes, 44 voyages were cancelled between week 51 and the second week of next year, with a cancellation rate of 8%.


According to Drewry’s current data, during this period, 75% of the blank voyages will take place on the trans-Pacific eastbound trade route, mainly to the west coast of the United States.

Drewry said that with the increase in Omicron cases, some countries are adopting stricter quarantine restrictions on transportation workers, which may increase delays and further aggravate the supply chain crisis.


As the peak season before the traditional Spring Festival is approaching, it is expected that prices may increase in January.


Frequent suspensions and port jumps have caused space and equipment to remain very tight. Major shipping companies have overbooked and have begun to restrict the acceptance of bookings, or arrange to dump containers. Due to the continuous delay and rescheduling, the reliability of the sailing schedule is very low, and the delay of sailing before the Spring Festival will seriously affect the shipping after the holiday.


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