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Shipping charges stay high, how should a buyer do?

September 13, 2021

Latest company news about Shipping charges stay high, how should a buyer do?

Amid recurrent epidemics and increasing supply chain pressure, the entire overseas transportation industry is not having easy days, especially for foreign trade companies. The price of ocean freight has increased by 5-6 times compared with before the epidemic, director of Huahong Holding Group Gong Pinzhong said.


The high freight costs make imported goods no longer price-competitive as before. In contrast, buyers are more willing to consider local purchases.

At present, the huge pressure of transportation compels many retailing giants to think about chartering ships to consolidate cargoes, which is more flexible and reduces cost a lot.


Take Olycom industrial Gigabit 5 port mini Ethernet switch as an example (see photo below), its unit size is 114 x 93 x 35mm, We usually put 40 pieces devices in a cargo of 67*33*47cm.

latest company news about Shipping charges stay high, how should a buyer do?  0

1 The unique nature of foreign transportation makes small weight(such as a few kilograms) delivery cost unbelievably high. So individual buyers should do his best to avoid this.


For our din-rail POE Gigabit switches, we prepared certificates, multi-angle product photos, videos and physical packaging diagrams to enhance customer buying experience. Olycom supports testing and usage videos to maximize customer confidence in cooperation.


2 Individual buyers should consider establishing long-term cooperative relationships with reliable suppliers to reduce procurement costs.


Olycom currently designs, produces and sells video optical converter, fiber media converter, optical modules and industrial switches. It has also been engaged in foreign trade for many years. Its main markets are Europe, Southeast Asian countries, the United States, Russia and India.


3 In addition, repeated epidemics and changing freight costs add much uncertainty to business. it might be a good idea to stock up to meet business needs.


Olycom has its own production line (see below picture) and supports customized services. For example, if you have specific requirements for the panels and logos of industrial Ethernet switches, it is easy to handle.


latest company news about Shipping charges stay high, how should a buyer do?  1


On the whole, as an individual buyer , it is always good to compare CIF prices with local ones to make the best decision of procurement. It is also necessary to establish long-term cooperative relations with excellent foreign trade companies, so it is easier to solve when specific product needs come up.


Olycom hot-selling products: 5 port industrial gigabit POE switch, 10 port industrial Ethernet managed switch, AHD CVI TVI video optical converter

Please check our website for more product information.


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