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Sea shipping pressure remains intense

October 12, 2021

Latest company news about Sea shipping pressure remains intense

Measures against Covid-19 are causing transportation and logistics delays, some giant shipping ports are also at low productivity level, roughly 30% of standard level. On top of that, the foreign trade industry is still suffering from increasing pressure of shipping freight.

I sum up some counter-actions to help minimize its impact

Delivery cost for small volume packing is unbelievably high due to the nature of foreign trade. It is best to get the balance of actual amount needs and the freight fee to make CIF price as competitive as possible.

For Olycom mini industrial POE gigabit switch, some buyers complained that the CIF price is roughly same as local price, this basically results from high freight cost.

The solution would be to stock some hot-selling devices like 6 port gigabit Ethernet switch, which can meets most needs. In the meantime, it is best to buy some POE managed switches, sometimes when you need only 8 port POE gigabit switch for your IP cameras, the 8 port industrial POE gigabit managed switch is simply a ready solution.

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Our industrially hardened 8 port managed switch gigabit is 15.8*11.5*6cm and 1.5kg. If purchased for several pieces, the air freight cost to some countries vary tremendously for well-known international shipping companies such as TNT, FedEx and DHL.

We will recommend some reliable partners like yunexpress and yanwenexpress for small package shipping.

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In telecommunication and security filed, it is commonly seen that some SFP gigabit Ethernet converters are on the shelf with shockingly varied prices. Due to the nature of foreign trade, it is troublesome when a device-related problem occurs.

For our fiber Ethernet media converters, we use first-hand material to produce and release to market after ageing and testing, it can be widely used for high-end purposes such as subway, government and chemical projects, this will greatly reduce the risk of after-sales trouble.

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So in closing, amid the heavy pressure of epidemic and shipping cost,

always go to a reliable partner who offers 10G SFP copper transceiver, 8ch AHD CVI TVI video converter and 24 port POE switch

always think about stocking 5 port gigabit unmanged network switch and single mode media converter

always give yourself more options for competitive shipping cost and products when you need to use in projects din-rail POE media converter and 20km industrial SFP fiber modules.

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