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POE Media Converter

October 29, 2021

Latest company news about POE Media Converter

POE Media Converter

POE technology is also short for power over Ethernet. This term often relates to PSE, PD, IEEE802.3af PoE/PSE.

Generally POE products include 10/100M fiber media converter, gigabit POE Ethernet converter and 10/100/1000Mbps POE network switch which are used to connect copper and fiber and also provide power to IP cameras, WiFi access points and VoIP phones on the twisted pair port.

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For POE media converter, the standard voltage input is DC48V. And its POE standard comes in 2 type, POE af 15.4W and POE at 30W. Olycom offer standard 48V input POE Ethernet fiber converter(see below picture)

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When connecting, the POE devices usually offer data and power to PD side on Ethernet cable which can extend about 100 meters. If longer, then POE extender is required. This is a typical application for some refurbished projects in remote areas.

For the fiber side, Olycom offer SFP media converter, GBIC single mode Ethernet converter. On single mode fiber, the distance can be 100km while on MMF it is 2km Max.

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Ethernet fiber media converters can be installed in the 14 slots media converter rack or put on a desk for normal use. In the chassis, 14pcs fiber media converter can be powered for unified management. But a POE media converter would not be working in the rack.

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Olycom also offer industrial hardened media converter (-40~75℃) for harsh outdoor use. With 4KV Ethernet surge protection and DIN rail installation, our industrial Ethernet media converters wonderfully ensure continuous and stable operation of the automation system.

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Basically POE single fiber optic Ethernet converter can be used in any part of the network, including between routers, servers, switches, hubs and so on, media converter makes the configuration of network easier and more flexible.

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