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Olycom Industrial POE Switch

June 13, 2022

Latest company news about Olycom Industrial POE Switch

POE, short for Power over Ethernet, is a mature and popular technology that allows electric power and data over twisted-pair network cable at the same time.

It is usually used to power IP cameras or VoIP phone.

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Usually a POE switch comes with following common features.

Ports/Speed/Management/POE budget

1, the most popular ports in the market are 1 port, 4 port, 8 port, 16 ports and 24 ports. Olycom manufactures above-mentioned POE switches for harsh outdoor use especially in mining, highway or military projects.

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2, Speed

The most popular speed is 1000Mbps. Actually in actual use, a 100Mbps POE switch is enough for connecting IP cameras.

Olycom do a lot of SFP slot gigabit POE industrial switch and it is 100/1000Mbps auto-sensing.

For this 4 port gigabit POE switch, if the Ethernet ports are working at 100Mbps mode, the green indicator will be off and the yellow one is on.

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3, managed POE switches are very popular in some important projects which allow administrators to control the POE output and speed of Ethernet ports remotely, this greatly saves manpower and cost.

Olycom provides a whole series of cost-effective din-rail POE managed fiber switch which covers all the possible needs in your projects.

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4, POE budget

POE output often comes on 4 types, 15.4W/30W/60W and 90W for different needs.

For a home router, it suffices to connect a POE af standard Ethernet switch.

And for a VoIP phone, 802.3at POE switch is usually required.

Those 2 standards are widely seen and used in the market and meets most needs from customers.

But in some high-end and complicated fiber optic devices such as medical machines or PTZ cameras, higher POE standards are needed.

Olycom 12 port high-POE smart managed switch can help out.

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Its management enables the fiber optic operator to set POE output standard according to actual needs like 30W, 60W or 90W.


What are the advantages of using POE Ethernet switches?

1, save your installation cost

Let’s assume a person would like to install a IP camera for monitoring in the warehouse, so he may need to consult a professional engineer for help if he does not know how to have it installed.

And to get a standard AC input socket in the warehouse is also a problem.

But with a 5 port gigabit POE fiber switch, all problems are solved as long as he connect the cat5e network cable with a POE switch.

2, remote management

In actual use, IP cameras may fail due to unstable voltage or other reasons. So it would be very costly to rule out the possible reasons and do maintenance. However, Olycom managed POE Ethernet switch can help you realize remote diagnosis via local network.

And in some cases, you need to shut down the IP cameras, just a click in the manage switch interface, this is done.

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In conclusion, POE switches are very popular in market, and it is best to consult professionals for actual choice regarding speed, ports, cost or installation.

Olycom offers different commercial and industrial POE gigabit Ethernet switches, you are welcome to ask for more details.

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