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How do you choose a right POE switch?

November 18, 2021

Latest company news about How do you choose a right POE switch?

The power of the whole PoE switch is insufficient, which causes the camera to not work normally?

The high-power AP cannot work normally due to the insufficient power supply of a single port?


Such problems are often caused by improper PoE switches.

So what we are sharing today is: How to choose the right PoE switch?


To choose a PoE switch suitable for monitoring engineering, we need to consider three aspects.


1. Power Supply End and the Power Receiving End


First of all, what are the power supply end and the power receiving end?

The power supply terminal is the PoE switch that supplies power to the device.

At the power supply end, we need to know and determine in advance some relevant parameters according to the needs. Such as the number of ports, maximum output power, etc...

The receiving end is the device being powered, such as AP and camera.

At the receiving end, there are also some factors that we can consider in advance. Such as the power requirements of APs and cameras.


2. Power problem

Whether a PoE switch is suitable for a monitoring project, the biggest problem is often the power.

In the power issue, first is the maximum power of the receiving end AP. We must first know how much power needs to be provided to the receiving end.

Then there is the power of the single port of the PoE switch and the overall maximum power, that is, we need to know how much power the PoE switch can provide.

We need to follow the principle of "maximum power supply> total power at the receiving end".

For example, a PoE switch has a single port of 25W and a maximum power of 55W. There are already two outdoor APs connected, and the total power consumption is 50W. If you connect to the third AP, it will not work properly.


3. Power supply agreement


Select the appropriate switch according to the power supply protocol (such as 802.3af, 802.3at, or non-standard PoE) supported by the powered terminal (AP or network camera).

The power supply protocol supported by the PoE switch must be consistent with the power receiving end.


The above are the key considerations for choosing a PoE switch and the basic guarantee for the normal operation of a monitoring project.

Of course, in addition, there are many aspects that can be considered in the selection of PoE switches, such as "port number, port parameters, backplane bandwidth, etc.".


The suitability of a PoE switch determines whether the entire project can work.

The quality of a PoE switch determines the stability and life span of the entire monitoring project.

The data of some of the unknown switches look good as if they are not much different from the products of big brands, but when used, various problems frequently arise. Therefore, in the choice of PoE switches, you should still look for well-known brands.

The OLYCOM brand has a complete industrial chain structure, strong program design capabilities, and world-class manufacturing equipment, and has established a good brand image in the industry and won a good reputation.

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