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Freight charges have gone up sharply this year

July 7, 2021

Latest company news about Freight charges have gone up sharply this year

At present, the largest port in Europe and America there are different degrees of congestion, and congestion has spread from the port to inland transportation. The second half of 2021 has already begun. The current situation of shortage of containers, Over stowage, dumping of containers, port jumps, and frantic increases in freight rates around the world has continued, and there is still no obvious sign of alleviation.


To calculate a simple account, 300 containers are quoted at USD 25,000/FEU, which means that if the transportation task is successfully completed, the total freight will reach USD 7.5 million.


You must know that in January this year, a 15-year-old container ship of 2,800 TEU sold for this price.


In other words, the freight money for 300 containers can be used to buy a ship?


latest company news about Freight charges have gone up sharply this year  0


What are the factors driving the surge in shipping prices?


1. Behind the continuous surge in ocean freight rates, major economies such as the United States and Europe have emerged from the epidemic and demand continues to be repaired. At the same time, global ocean shipping capacity is in short supply.


2. The global shipping capacity is in short supply, due to the shipping vessels are already at full capacity, at the same time, new vessels are being added and the capacity is severely insufficient.


3. The emergence of "labor shortages" in many ports in the United States and Europe, and repeated epidemics that have led to significant reductions in the number of seafarers have further dragged down the release of global shipping capacity and pushed up freight rates.


With the soaring freight rate, many people in the industry joked that shipping a cargo now is just like crossing the robbery:


No shipping space when in stock!


There is no price when there is a shipping space!


When there is a price and a space, there will be no containers again!


Was notified of a temporary price increase again!


Dumped by the shipowner! The shipping space was taken back by the shipowner!


When the problem is solved, the shift will be delayed again! The ship may have been delayed to press the port.


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