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Climate Change and Heatwaves

May 31, 2022

Latest company news about Climate Change and Heatwaves

For weeks, the heatwaves that swept across north and northwest India this year have been breaking records.  According to the Indian report, the highest temperature in the country's capital, New Delhi, reached 49.2 ℃ a few days ago. In addition, Reuters said that as of early May, high temperatures had killed at least 25 people in India. Not only in Asia, at present, many parts of the world are experiencing extreme high temperature weather.
On 23rd, May,  at a construction site in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, some workers who worked under the scorching sun said that the highest temperature that day exceeded 50 degrees Celsius, and working in such a high temperature really made them miserable.

Egyptian laborers working in Saudi Arabia said that the temperature on the 23rd may have reached 53 ℃, and the usual temperature can reach 45 ℃. At 45°C it felt okay, but as the temperature rose to 53°C, they felt that there was not enough oxygen.
An Egyptian worker working in Saudi Arabia said that when people first came to work on a construction site, they first felt so hot that they almost vomited and it was difficult to breathe. Some people fainted on the construction site due to lack of oxygen.

latest company news about Climate Change and Heatwaves  0
The New York Times reported on the 22nd that a heatwave sweeping the United States is spreading from the south and west of the United States to the east, and dozens of states will usher in the hottest spring on record. The recent temperature in the Midwest of the United States is about 1℃-6℃ higher than the average of previous years, and even more in the eastern region, and the whole United States is expected to break 130 high temperature records in previous years.

More than 120 million Americans are in the heat, a heatwave that has raised concerns among U.S. authorities about the health of outdoor workers and those without access to indoor cooling. To this end, the U.S. National Weather Service issued a special statement warning residents to stay indoors as much as possible in the near future and rehydrate in a timely manner. During the half marathon held in Brooklyn, New York, on the 21st, one runner fell to the ground and died, and six others were sent to the hospital due to heatstroke.
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicts that the entire North American continent will experience above-average temperatures this summer. In addition, extreme heat and persistent drought will cause nationwide power shortages and even bring down the grid.
At the same time, some people in Europe are also experiencing the toast. The latest data from the Spanish National Meteorological Service shows that the highest temperature in Jaén and other places in the south of the country has reached as high as 40 ℃ in recent days. In addition, Spain's nighttime temperature has also been unusually high recently (above 25 ℃), reaching the highest value on record. On the 21st, Spain's National Weather Service issued a high temperature warning in 10 regions, saying it could be one of the "strongest" heat waves in years. It is reported that due to the influence of hot air from North Africa, the summer heat in Spain came very early this year, causing the country's average temperature in May to rise by 15 degrees Celsius compared with previous years. The Spanish health department reminded the public to drink plenty of water, try not to go out, and reduce physical activity.
In addition, the French Meteorological Agency also reported that the heatwave in May had the characteristics of "early arrival and persistence". The temperature in 2/3 of the country exceeded 6℃-8℃ in previous years, and the last time it appeared in May Such anomalous weather was still in 1945. French media also said that since the beginning of this year, the cumulative sunshine hours in the Paris region have broken records. Scientists have analyzed that: as global temperatures continue to rise, worldwide heatwaves will become more frequent and severe, and their impact will become more extensive.

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