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Attention! WHO Epidemic Warning; Many Countries Announce Flights Canceled

December 3, 2021

Latest company news about Attention! WHO Epidemic Warning; Many Countries Announce Flights Canceled

At present, a new variant of the new coronavirus is raising alarms around the world. Omicron - This is another outbreak of the new crown virus after Delta.

This variant contains a large number of mutations, twice as many as Delta. Officially called it "the worst variant we have seen so far." The picture below is a comparison of the propagation speed of Omicron and Delta:

latest company news about Attention! WHO Epidemic Warning; Many Countries Announce Flights Canceled  0

                                                  More than 20 countries issue entry bans, flights canceled

This mutant strain has aroused high global vigilance. Strictly preventing the spread of the mutant strain of the new crown virus Omicron has become a new target for global epidemic prevention.
Up to now, the governments of about 20 countries and regions including the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Russia have successively issued or are preparing to issue entry restrictions on flights and passengers from southern African countries.
The global economy suffered a sudden blow, and international trade and logistics once again sounded the alarm!

Israel: After the discovery of a new variant of the virus strain in the country, the country’s citizens have been banned from traveling to South Africa. On the 28th local time, Israel decided to ban all foreigners from entering the country. The ban will last for 14 days.

Japan: According to a report from Japan’s TBS television station, in view of the worldwide spread of the Omicron strain of the mutated new crown virus, Japan announced that, for all countries, the entry of foreign citizens is currently suspended in principle. Starting at 0:00 on November 30, Japan has banned foreigners from all over the world from entering the country. "And it will continue until things get better.

United States: The US government began to impose travel restrictions on citizens from 7 countries including South Africa on November 29.
United Kingdom: The government said on the 26th that from that day onwards, flights from South Africa and the surrounding 5 countries will be prohibited from entering the country, and people with relevant travel history will be required to undergo nucleic acid testing and quarantine.
European Union: Commission Chairman von der Lein issued a statement on the 26th that the mutant strain may spread all over the world within a few months. The European Union decided to activate the "emergency brake" mechanism to suspend flights to and from seven countries in southern Africa, these seven countries include South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland.
Switzerland: It was announced on the 26th that all direct flights from Botswana, South Africa, and other countries will be banned indefinitely.

It is the peak season for shipments, and freight forwarding and logistics in many countries are still busy at seaports and transportation lines, and logistics may be affected. OLYCOM will pay attention to the foreign epidemic situation in time and adjust the shipment arrangement in time!

I would like to remind you that arrange shipments reasonably and have expectations and preparations for the subsequent phenomena. If you need any fiber optics product, like industrial network switch, POE network switch, fiber media converter ect, please contact OLYCOM anytime.

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